Miley Cyrus is the icon of our generation: “Doll Parts,” Plastic Hearts and being wise beyond her years

For those of you who know me, I am an avid (and shameless) fan of Miley Cyrus.

I’ve been on a Miley spiral for the past few days and can’t help but gush over her latest appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

On it, Miley mentions how she’s going to take on Hole/Courtney Love’s song “Doll Parts,” a song she didn’t even know she was going to tackle until yesterday — yet, she delivers one damn good performance.

I’ve always been a fan of Miley’s incredible confidence, self-awareness, and genuine awe and artistry in music. She’s a total icon.

She grew up in the industry. She makes sure to honor the greats — from Joan Jett to Stevie Nicks, collaborating with Billy Idol on her latest record Plastic Hearts, and having grown up with a dad like Billy Ray Cyrus and godmother Dolly Parton. Miley’s always been a force to reckon with, even if she’s been in the industry as a Disney starlet more than 10 years ago and is still sharing her journey of growing up, breaking through, getting wild, f**king s**t up, and finding herself again.

In this interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Miley bares it all. Her sense of self-awareness, intelligence and raw authenticity and approach to everything she does and everything she has been, is completely admirable.

When asked about her home in Malibu which burned down during the Malibu fires a few years ago, she notes that she’s grown an intense appreciation for her ability to break down and rebuild. “Stuff is just stuff,” as they say, and her approach is admirable:

“A home to me is when someone else enters that space, they know it’s yours… I think something about staying where the song is made, ’cause the song lives in here forever. I feel the same way about my studios and spaces.”

When talking about her songwriting process, what she says completely resonates with me:

“When I write a song, I capture something that’s inside of me. It’s something that doesn’t have to be who I am. I get to capture and honor a feeling that I have in a moment. I can have it and admire it, but it doesn’t have to come with me and be a part of who I am anymore.”

She always references and pulls out quotes she seems to have found to find herself, and I’m absolutely loving where Miley is at this point in her life.

She is living her power, in her element, and I am here for it.

“You write it down
You speak it
You give it power”

Oh, and should I also mention that Miley’s album Plastic Hearts is the #1 rock album in the country? Yeah. She’s killing it.

I’ve always been a fan, from her early Hannah Montana days, stripped-down Backyard Sessions honoring acoustic takes on classic songs. Maybe I put aside those Bangerz days for a while, but I loved her Happy Hippie days and foundation (and genuine love for community, animals, and the “other”). Her SHE IS. era with her chill R&B hits and “Mother’s Daughter” last year was great as well.

Bear witness to all she is yourself.

“I adore her so much and feel like I’ve grown up with her in the past decade and am on that same journey. Everything she says resonates so deeply. And I’m here for it. 🙌”

I value her heart, intelligence and captivating confidence that proves she is an icon of our generation (as stated by Ms. Stevie Nicks herself).

Brb, while I catch up on all her other new featurettes and live studio performances and backyard sessions she’s been putting out seemingly every single day for the past month.

My favorite comment by a user by the name of Taylor Johnson: “She’s fiercely calm. Wildly centered. Comfortably edgy. Smokin’ cold.”

And a Sommer Hollow: “The industry has been trying to oust her for ages because she doesn’t conform to their rules. But her talent makes her a permanent staple and completely untouchable. She’s our generations gem. Legend in the making.

And can we just mention her strong Sag energy exuding everywhere? 🔥


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