“Eyes Without A Face” (Billy Idol Cover)

Les yeux sans visage.
Eyes without a face.

It’s been so long since I’ve heard a song that was so heartbreaking and beautiful, that I couldn’t stop putting it on repeat.

Learned this song last night and recorded it an hour later. Decided, why wait and why not just share it now?

This isn’t perfect, but it’s a song whose message I can’t get out of my head. Eyes without a face, “Les yeux sans visage,” is an homage to a 1960s French poetic film and song about restoring a woman’s once lost beauty. It’s the idea of loving a fantasy instead of reality, of the tease and the lies…

There’s something about songs about beauty, a woman’s beauty and the dark underside that comes with it that always gets to me.

“Billy stated he stays single most of the time because he knows he feels like he’d stray and doesn’t want to put anyone through that,” a user named Roxy Cauldwell stated. “BIG respect for the dude. Most people don’t think like that.

If I had to reflect on why this song gets to me so much, perhaps it’s because a part of me relates to the entire idea. How a woman can be so beautiful, and people can fall in love with the idea of a woman and her beauty without ever really getting to her. For most of my life, I fear people have fallen in love with some idea or image projected onto me, when I was always just a girl who wanted love as well, to be seen, felt, understood…

It’s also because maybe as someone who has been incredibly comfortable with being single, independent and confident in my own self for most of my life, I resonate with what Billy said about straying. I know what I want, and don’t ever want to put people through my wandering ways, so I decide to be single.

More on that later, perhaps. But please give the song a listen. And I hope you enjoy my take.

I can’t get enough of it. 🤍

With love and honesty,



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