The Marías open up the Ford with an electrifying Latin-inspired set, fresh off the release of debut album ‘Cinema’

The Marias @ The Ford 7/30/21. Photo by Farah Sosa (@farahsosa). Courtesy of LA Phil. Used with permission.

The beloved sensual soul and synth jazz band welcomed Los Angelenos back to the stage after a year-and-a-half long hiatus to celebrate the opening of the new season at the historic Ford Theater, alongside the release of their debut album Cinema.

A full youth orchestra sat behind the lights of the amphitheater, as palm trees were lit by shadows of red, green, and blue. Drummer Josh Conway, guitarist Jesse Perlman, and keyboardist Edward James entered the stage to play the opening of the band’s debut LP Cinema.

The cinematic edge of The Marías’ Cinema is up, front and center as the band opened with “Just A Feeling.” The song’s beautifully melancholic string section and cascading guitars are enough to warrant a wave of emotions, from crooning tears to romantic anticipation.

Lead singer Maria Zardoya entered down a small flight of stairs during this moment, welcoming the opening of the Ford Theater back to the public. ()

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