Rozzi completes her debut headlining tour with SoFar Sounds

Soulful powerhouse and singer-songwriter Rozzi Crane hit the road for her first headlining tour with SoFar Sounds.

On her first headline tour, singer-songwriter Rozzi Crane set out on an intimate 10-city tour for the month of October in collaboration with Sofar Sounds, performing a variety of unique shows in secret venues across the country.

“One of the things I love about music is that it makes me feel seen. It makes me feel understood and less alone,” Rozzi noted.

Since Rozzi’s debut album release of Bad Together back in 2018, she released her third EP in July of this year, entitled “Hymn For Tomorrow,” a collection of six original songs featuring the Los Angeles-based powerhouse’s signature soulful rhythm and beats and candid songwriting.

“What you may not know is it happens in reverse for me all the time with you guys,” Rozzi continued. “These people I’ve been meeting on the road will come up to me after a show or write me on Instagram [that] something I wrote about is exactly what you went through. It genuinely makes me feel less alone [and] it’s my favorite feeling in the world.” (…)

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Rozzi’s setlist:

  • “I Can’t Go To The Party”
  • “I dk”
  • “June”
  • Unknown/New song
  • “Visions”
  • “66 Days”
  • “Mad Man”
  • “Bad Together”
  • “Joshua Tree”
  • “When Two Become One” (Spice Girls Cover)
  • “Best Friend Song”

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