How have you all been feeling lately?

Tbh I haven’t been my best (and I’m about to get really real here). I’ve been cocooning myself and staying in my empty apartment, isolating myself, putting off messages and mindlessly drowning myself in my own company. Shows that take me to another place (@brandnewchereyflavornetflixtv is stellar) and albums that remind me of my lost youth (@meganddiamusic tysm) have given me some sort of life yet, I question how I even got here as a young, bright-eyed ambitious little dreamer kid who four years ago was throwing herself into each and every endeavor here in LA.

Now I want to do the opposite. I want to retreat. I want to fold. I want to learn what it feels to hurt and be lost all over again. I want to strip myself of the routines that no longer serve me and move forward in a direction that allows me to be… me again.

b u r n o u t
it’s something I thought everyone who worked a job they invested themselves in would feel at some point. Little did I know it has some real effects and can affect your everyday life and work, if left untreated.

As a creative, you often feel suffocated if you’re not honoring yourself to live and breathe out your art.

I find I’ve been suffocating myself for too long.

And I just want to breathe again.

I spend a lot of time with myself looking internally, addressing any hurt, emotional imbalance, or need for exercise, sustenance and air. It’s all a part of the process. And I’m just trying to honor it.


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