Vlog with a Jog

I uncovered this vlog I made for myself about a year ago, during a midweek stroll around the reservoir — and it couldn’t ring any more true than it does to this day.

In the midst of a pandemic year and having not stopped working since the start of the pandemic, my work and work life routine had gotten to a pretty sweet spot. I prioritized my sleep and rest while balancing full work days. I craved the sun, the reservoir, and my daily 10k. I was out the house throughout the mornings with caffeine at my disposal, and was spoiled with full meals on the daily (something my on-the-go self never used to have). As my workload increased, I began to prioritize my life around work; and the more I did, the more I needed to to feel sane day-in and day-out.

I’ve always believed in the holy trinity of mind, body and soul. I believe that in order to show up as my best self, I have to treat myself well. All three play a big part in strengthening the other, and it is the body I take care of that can allow me to show up as my best self — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I talk a lot in this vlog about having found myself in a good place — the most financially stable, secure, and independent I have ever been in my entire young adult life. But I recognize there is this creative pull in me I feel must be let out.

To be recognizing and saying these things one year ago to seeing where I am today, is pretty interesting. My words still resonate. I wanted to see where I would be a year from the moment this video was taken.

Hope you enjoy my rambling, once again.

With love and honesty,


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