Rozzi brings beautiful movement, sensuality and soul to “fflow” (Music Video Release)

One of my favorite vocalists of our time Rozzi is at it again with a beautiful new release of her song “fflow,” complete with a new music video starring herself and beau Alex Wolff.

The song, stripped to Rozzi’s soulful voice and simple guitar chords, provide a sweet reflection on the progression of a relationship.

“These days, don’t follow worries in my head
I just hang with you instead”

The thing I’ve always loved about Rozzi’s songwriting is that she’s always been completely candid. Her voice is strong, powerful and confident in and of itself — and her lyrics lend way to something softer, sweeter, and more heartfelt.

Since the release of her debut 2018 album Bad Together, Rozzi’s really come into her own. From one heartbreak of “Never Over You” to another, she’s seemed to stand by her best friends (“Best Friend Song”) and reminisced over those sweet summer flings and “June” days.

“fflow” is probably one of my favorite releases from Rozzi. It’s a song that feels honest, simple, and shows Rozzi at her best. Her catchy lyrics, soulful R&B vocal phrasing and pure fun and confidence that oozes from her inflections are just beautiful.

“Thank God I didn’t meet you, 10 years ago,
‘Cause now I know I’m ready to flow
Stay steady and I see you, with your head down low,
I won’t sink this boat, no, I’m ready flow”

Fall in love with “fflow” and watch the music video, directed by Lili Peper, below:

Stream “fflow” here:
Pre-save Berry out 4/22:

Keep up with Rozzi at


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