Fan Girl Cafe celebrates women in music with stellar lineup at the Troubadour

Kat Cunning, Jax, Trace, Alicia Blue, KingQueen and Noah Vonne grace the Troubadour stage.

It’s a well-known fact that many industries in entertainment tend to be male-dominated. Women and female-identifying individuals have had to withstand the music, recording, and film industries with a chip on their shoulder, knowing they had to prove their worth and play their instruments just as good – or even better – than their male counterparts.

This is why the creation of a space for female, queer, and women musicians and artists in the community is so important. As a female musician myself, I have long been in spaces where my skills as a guitarist were never taken seriously – it was “cute” and I was always asked, “Do you sing, too?”

Fan Girl Cafe, hosted by on-air personality Megan Holiday of KROQ and drummer/podcast host Jess Bowen (The Summer Set, Tessa Violet, Babes Behind the Beats), was a special night held last Sunday, February 27th at the famed Troubadour in West Hollywood. Created by concert photographer Betsy Martinez and her partner Cynthia in an effort to bring together a space for women+ to get together, Fan Girl Cafe will make a home in West Hollywood as a new music-oriented neighborhood cafe and wine bar to support women in music in the community. (…)

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