ROZZI gives new meaning to “breadwinner” (Kacey Musgraves Cover)

One of my favorite pop recording artist’s Rozzi Crane just made her own rendition of “breadwinner” by Kacey Musgraves — and it blew me (and a few other lucky fan girls) away on Sunday night.

(You can see the palpable excitement on my face during that moment in my Instagram reel, below.)

Performing as part of an intimate lineup hosted by music + arts initiative [frends] at the Resident in Downtown LA, Rozzi went on at 9pm and showcased her powerhouse vocals told to her candid, fun, and honest songwriting.

She played favorites “I Can’t Go to the Party” and “June” before heading into the Kacey number — and the energy in the room was something else.

@thisisrozzi I know you might think we love this more than your own songs, but you always manage to make songs your own and this @spaceykacey moment was spiritual for me,” I wrote. “@tianaohara 🎸 this arrangement was amazing 🍞🏆 and the energy in this room was something else.”

Compared to the equally stellar original record by Kacey, Rozzi managed to make this her own, bringing out the meaning behind the lyrics and bringing a whole new light to the song, with her R&B-flair and stripped-down arrangement.

Rozzi is set to release the first half of her upcoming EP Berry next Friday, April 22nd.

Stay up to date with Rozzi at and on Instagram.


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