Zac Efron partners with Kodiak to inspire healthier eating and wilder living

If my tween heart couldn’t throb any harder, it is now.

Kodiak, the fast-growing whole grain and protein-packed breakfast and snack brand, announced their partnership with actor Zac Efron yesterday, as the food company’s newest Board Member and first Chief Brand Officer.

“We’re really excited to welcome Zac and his valued perspectives to Kodiak,” said Joel Clark, Kodiak’s Co-Founder and CEO in a press release from PR Newswire. “We’ve all watched Zac build a life of adventure that prioritizes wellness from the inside out, which he attributes in part to his belief in real food, making this collaboration feel so right. His global reach, passion for the outdoors, and focus on balanced nutrition makes him an ideal partner. We are teaming up to influence the future of food and keep America wild for future generations.”

As per the press release:

“Zac has been a long-time fan of Kodiak’s products and is eager to bring Kodiak into new territory. He is passionate about inspiring Kodiak’s loyal consumers to explore nature, elevate the food they eat, and give back to worthy causes. He also comes with valuable insights thanks to his globe-trotting exploration of sustainable agricultural practices and life-long focus on wellness and fitness.”

In 2020, Netflix launched the web docuseries Down To Earth which follows Efron as he travels around the world and explores different countries’ approach to travel, life, nature, green energy and sustainable living practices.

I can’t help but feel the partnership with Kodiak and Efron to inspire healthier eating and wilder living couldn’t be more perfect.

One of my favorite people and one my favorite brands. I can’t wait to see more of these skits:

For more information about Kodiak, visit or follow the adventure on Instagram @KodiakCakes.


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