Five Days in the Pacific Northwest

When Seattle is just a three hour drive from Portland and less rain away, you make a road trip out of it.

Sometimes I don’t even know how I fell into this: two whole people who never needed anything from each other. I’m the most private and selective and emotional person in the world, but God my heart hurts so good.

It’s always been a dream of mine to visit the PNW. And in the words of the couple next to us, “It’s real you guys. The pictures are real.”

What a dream. I felt right in my element and brought out my camera again for this one.

Enjoy. 🤍

Day 1: Arrival to Portland at 8am

🍩 Pip’s Original Doughnuts & Chai
🥪 Tokyo Sando (w/ tofu) + lagers at Pine Street Market
🇹🇭 Eem Thai
🍺 Grains of Wrath + Warriors Game loss

Day 2: Multnomah Falls and Wahclella Falls Trail

☕️ Rose City Coffee Co.
🌊 Multnomah Falls
🥾 Wahclella Falls
🍔 Killer Burger (peanut butter bacon burger w/ citrus mistress hazy IPA ftw)
🍷 de Fuego (a casino-lit dinner)
🍸 Rontoms w/ high school friends

Day 3: Day trip to Seattle and back

☕️ Portland Ca Phe (ube latte + tofu banh mi ftw)
🌲 3-hour drive to Seattle ft. Song Exploder (🎵 Khruangbin, Rick Astley, Willow)
🎨 Chihuly Glass Museum & Garden
🫧 Pike Place Market, Jack’s Fish Spot, Beecher’s Mac & Cheese, Bubblegum Alley
🦪 Elliott’s Oyster House
☕️ Starbucks Reserve
🗼 Space Needle
🌮 Late night hanger ft. Fonda La Catrina in Georgetown

Day 4: Portland local to Willamette Wine Valley

🌱 Harlow’s Restaurant (best vegan food + smoothies I’ve ever had, hands down)
🛍 Presents of Mind, Powell’s Books, shopping on Hawthorne
🍷 Argyle Winery (🌈 flight tasting + charcuterie)
🍷 Methven Family Vineyards (ft. music by Greg Kessler)
🍝 Grassa PDX
🍨 Eb & Bean (vegan fro-yo)
🎶 Slow Bar to a live show at Show Bar at Revolution Hall

Day 5: Last day send-off PDX to LAX

🧳 Pack-up at the AirBnb
🍩 Pip’s Doughnuts & Chai + Nong’s Thai Chicken Pick-up
🛍 Nike Community Store to Adidas Employee Store
🍻 Great Notion Brewery (probably the best brewery, sours, IPAs, beer selection I’ve ever had, and that vegan burger)
✈️ Westward Whiskey to LAX by 10pm

The recap:


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