Life, Change and Switchfoot ft. Jars of Clay’s “Let That Be Enough” (Cover)

Excuse my quietude in the beginning of this video (I didn’t want to speak too loudly). But summer nights spent at home are always the sweetest. So here is my ode to that feeling of bliss.

Leaving home once again is always so bittersweet. I oftentimes find myself when I am at home again (reconnecting with old loved ones and yourself really opens your mind as you realize your blessings). There is no real comfort than in the place you feel most like you.

Growing up is scary, but growing into yourself is the best part. And sometimes leaving and coming back again is a healthy exercise.

Keep in touch, send me any music requests, muse about your own life, or catch up with mine. I’d love to chat about your own revelations.

P.S. I used my Honeytone Amp in this recording, if any of you were wondering why the guitar sounded a bit electro!


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