“Local Brews Local Grooves” Craft Beer and Music Festival @ the House of Blues, Anaheim (10-25-2014)

The House of Blues, Anaheim hosts its first "Local Brews Local Grooves" craft beer, food and music festival last Saturday, 10/25/2014.

The House of Blues, Anaheim hosts the “Local Brews Local Grooves” craft beer, food and music festival on Saturday, 10/25/2014.

Who doesn’t love a darn good glass of craft beer?!

Okay, well I guess that specific niche is only relevant to few, as many of my friends don’t drink much beer and girl friends find it “disgusting.” (I’ll probably blame my brother for getting me to appreciate good beer.) But, I guess once you find the “one,” you start to appreciate it even more and attack the world of beer excitedly.

One night with ten local craft breweries’ beer samples, gastro-pub food and unEARTH Music Hub‘s local bands, the House of Blues, Anaheim was definitely the place to be for locals who enjoy good beer and fun vibes. Doors and beer sampling starting at 5PM and music at 6PM, the night rocked with music all the way until midnight last Saturday, October 25th. I graciously received a free entrance ticket and spent $15 for five beer samples from any of the breweries–and dang was there a lot!

As a supporter of small businesses (and “Lover of Local Eats” on Yelp), I always try to find the best local hidden gems that serve the tastiest, most innovative foods and finds. Whether it’s appreciating a nice dark and bitterly sweet cup of coffee or supporting the small singer-songwriters whose music speaks to me, the intimate feeling you get from appreciating craft beer culture–or any small business culture for that matter–really makes you feel at home.

Me enjoy the good vibes at "Local Brews Local Grooves," 10/25/2014.

Me enjoy the good vibes at “Local Brews Local Grooves,” 10/25/2014.

Taking place at the House of BluesAnaheim/Downtown Disney location, Local Brews Local Grooves, in partnership with unEARTH Music Hub, utilized all the space they could get that Saturday night in October. From the Main Entrance before even going up into the House, the Outdoor Stage was blasting music from small local bands heard by any passerby. “Draft Central” and “Bourbon Street Pub” were on the entrance floor as all breweries offered three to five beer choices each, with standing tables all around. Gastropub food complemented the beers and the entire House was packed.

With four total craft beer locations and three music stages, the entire House was apt for supporting the adults sipping on beer while talking and chatting over the live music playing around. Upstairs on the patio was also the “Barrel Terrace,” which was ideally the most popular spot with five of the ten local breweries placed there with the premiere of the Rose Terrace Stage. As the in-between point between going down and entering into the music hall, this outdoor patio terrace tended to more singer-songwriter/indie/rock/country/blues tunes.

Inside of the actual music hall was the main Music Hall Stage with performances from some larger local bands, as I’d assume. “Craft Can City” was stationed at the hall’s bar, serving up craft beers in a can–as you’d expect, as well.

Providing little Event Guides upon entrance, they featured lists of the types of beer at each brewery, each bands’ set-times, and the location they were at. As my first real craft beer event, I enjoyed trying out all the new beers in a casual environment that allows you enjoy some local music. (Noble Ale Works, you made me fall in love with your Naughty Sauce! Yes, I used 3 of my 5 stubs on your lovely Golden Milk Stout with Coffee on Nitro!)

Whenever an event like this is back in town, you can bet I’d love to find my way back around. Care to come with and indulge in my beer craftiness?

Here is the full list of “brews” and “grooves” present at the festival:


Ballast Point
Bottle Logic
Noble Ale Works
Ritual Brewing
Rough Draft Brewing
Sierra Nevada
Valiant Brewing


Outdoor Stage: Gardeners Logic, Big Monsta, Nilu, Randsburg, The Originalities

Rose Terrace: Morgan Mallory, Moonlight Graham, David Rosales, Magic Giant, Steve Maggiora, Robert Jon & Kris Butcher (of Robert Jon & the Wreck)

Music Hall: Westwood Smokes, The Record Company, The Devious Means, The Lonely Wild, The Gromble

DSC06899_HOB_Local Brews Local Grooves


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