Indie pop band Cults put the Teragram Ballroom into a daze

Cults live at The Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles, CA. 11/7/2017. (Photo: Ken Ben Raymundo | @welcometotheigloo)

Indie pop band Cults brought their synth pop melodies to the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles last Tuesday, November 7th and put the crowd into a daze.

Known for their breakout hit “Go Outside,” which first gained them the attention of fans worldwide, Cults has gone on to make more music since 2010, with the release of their third full-length album Offering in October of this year.

Founding members guitarist Brian Oblivion and singer Madeline Follin were accompanied by a full band with drums, bass, keys and synths on tour — and as mesmerizing as their music was with projected visuals as accompaniment, their live performance couldn’t have made me any sleepier.

For audience members who have followed the band for years and know their songs by heart, I’ll cut them some slack. But for those of us who came with an open mind and vaguely know their breakout single, their performance could be seen as unexciting as the band hardly showed any movement, interacted with the crowd, or stepped away from their microphones and instruments as to do their job and play their songs. (They did sing a happy birthday to Madeline which was sweet.)

I’ll give it to the Cults though: they’ve got some good music and great recordings, but I’d pass on seeing their live show again.

This article was featured on SF Critic.


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