Naomi Scott says everything and nothing at all in mesmerizing ballad “Say Nothing” (Song Review)

After a chance encounter two weeks ago, I’ve recently discovered the music behind British actress Naomi Scott and have been floored.

Her mesmerizing pop ballad “Say Nothing” has got me hooked. The simple electronics accompanied by soft piano keys, dragging drumbeats and echoey sentiments about having trouble finding the right words to say hit close to home. The electronic pop ballad is both soft and sweet as Scott’s heartfelt vocals tell of her frustration to do better.

And I can’t find the words to say
So I will say nothing, say nothing at all
And it’s hard when you’re there, and I try
But I still just say nothing, say nothing at all

Have a listen to her live rendition of “Say Nothing” from 2014 below:

In addition to her music, Scott is set to star alongside Will Smith and Mena Massoud in the upcoming live-action remake of Aladdin as Princess Jasmine, due next year. She also recently released her newest single “Vows.”

Who thinks I should feature her as my next interview?


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