The Marías’ Sultry Indie Soul Will Make You Love Again

The Marías live at The Glass House Concert Hall in Pomona, CA. 4/23/2018. (Photo: Rachel Ann Cauilan | @rachelcansea)

With sultry smooth jazz-pop numbers and a vintage vibe to match, The Marías can make you feel as if you have been transported into a 70s lounge, air thick with smoke and room adorned in velvet.

The Los Angeles-based band, led by real-life couple Puerto Rican born and Atlanta-raised singer Maria and drummer-producer Josh Conway, let their music ooze with sensuality and romance.

The band arrived at the Glass House in Pomona to open up for indie pop band The Drums in the middle of their run at the festival stage at Coachella. Their dreamy set — infused with bossa nova-like percussion, hypnotizing guitar riffs and velvety-smooth vocals — was undeniably sensual. The Marías have a knack for visuals and sensibility, creating music that matches their vibe and look — and that might have to be from Maria and Conway’s early start in writing together for film and television.

The band formed in late 2016 and released their debut EP Superclean Vol. 1 last November. Their lead single “I Don’t Know You” is an intoxicating number full of rhythm and soul, telling of the couple’s real desire and love.

There’s a sense of intimacy and grace to their music as they have danceable grooves with jazz, funk, psychedelic and soul elements. Rather than try to be something different than what they are, The Marías have created their own kind of world, full of sensuality, romance, desire and companionship — oh, and lots of chokers and bolo ties.

Give them a listen — and be prepared to fall in love.

Watch a clip of The Marías play “I Don’t Know You” live below:

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This article was featured on Blurred Culture.


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