Dark pop electronic duo Bahari celebrates release of forthcoming album at Bardot

Bahari live release party at It’s A School Night at Bardot, Hollywood, CA. 7/8/2019.

Electronic-pop duo Bahari, hailing from sunny California, celebrated the release of their forthcoming album with a special live release party Monday night at Bardot in Hollywood.

I have to say, apart from a few EDM/dance tracks I had heard these girls’ voices on, their live performance set was breathtaking. With a live guitar, keyboards and two vocalists, these girls have a true voice that sits well atop dance music, but they’ve proven they can hold up to their own dance-pop tracks.

Comprised of singer/bassist Natalia Panzarella and singer/keyboardist Ruby Carr, the duo is on to release their new album this September.

I’m a new fan and I’m in love with their dark, moody pop tracks and catchy choruses. Songs like “Savage”, “Chasers” and “:( (sadface)” have already become ingrained in my mind. Their acoustic rendition of one of my favorite classic songs “For What It’s Worth” is just nostalgic goodness. I can’t wait to hear more of what’s to come from these girls.

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