Home, Again

Photo: Me. 7/27/2020.

Hi. Just thought I’d check in and say hello.

I’ve learned that being home is good for me. I can go crazy and feel very unstable if I go long stretches of time without being home (or having a place to travel and collect myself). I’ve also realized that I thrive better as a human when my life is more simple and slow-paced.

Me three years ago at 24 would have jumped ship and pushed myself to uncomfortable limits to grow and experience new things because, well… that’s what you do when you’re young (and what a ride that was). Now three years later at 27, I think, “Maybe I ought to listen to myself and what I want and need at this moment.” After all, I’ve always been someone who was ready to pick up and move when I was ready for the next thing.

Life changes, and so do we. And I think it’s very powerful and comforting to know we can bend and move to change with it, so long as we don’t lose ourselves through it, too.

I’ve been busy writing and learning and reading and resting and playing and eating and just… being. And I think it’s important. It’s beautiful.

Next Monday and for all Mondays throughout August, I’d like to do a weekly cover video series. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

Be careful, be well, and I’ll be in touch.

With love and honesty,


P.S. I filmed a self-tape today because there is a call in the Bay looking for people like me. I had no idea what I was doing and I probably sent it in too late and probably annoyed my family with my last-minute makeshift setup, but hey, at least I tried. 🖤


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